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Traffic Sentinels


The Traffic Sentinels are appointed to achieve public cooperation in road safety and traffic management. The duties and responsibilities of Traffic Sentinel are as follows


The following are the duties and responsibilities of the Traffic Sentinels:

  1. To serve as a bridge between the traffic police and the community for better understanding of local and general traffic problem.
  2. Monitor traffic movements and road situations.
  3. Reporting irregularities and violation of the law.
  4. Operational involvement in traffic regulations as and when needed.
  5. Involvement in communication or educational drives launched by the traffic police from time to time to make suggestions for improvement of various traffic problems.
  6. To continuously promote road safety awareness in public and school children.
  7. To render assistance to victims of road accidents.
  8. To help and guide pedestrians to cross road and walk on footpaths safely.
  9. Guide road users to observe traffic rules.
  10. Prevent violation of traffic rules and regulations.
  11. Help police to maintain order on festivals and other occasions.
  12. To assist the police in regulating traffic and to inculcate better traffic sense in the public.
  13. Traffic wardens should have sufficient time to regulate traffic at the given main crossing at least two days in a week for 3 hours at peak hours. However they will be contacted by traffic police as and when the situation warrants.
  14. If any traffic warden is found misusing his powers at any time by the concerned TI/ACP of the Traffic Police or other officers of Traffic Police the matter can be put up to DCP/Traffic and he can cancel the appointment of the Traffic Warden without prior intimation and communicating reason thereof. In case of misuse of serious nature it will be dealt with as per law.
  15. Being voluntary service Traffic Wardens shall not have any statutory powers.
  16. Their reports on traffic violations and conditions shall, however, be considered by the Traffic Police.
  17. Traffic Wardens may also suggest measures for improvement of road situations.
  18. Traffic Wardens are not expected to violate traffic rules or commit any such acts which reflect adversely on the institution and should also refrain from exploiting their privileges by false reporting or other impropriety.
  19. Traffic Warden should be motivated by a spirit of service and dedication.
  20. Traffic Wardens could volunteer themselves even without being called upon to advance the objectives of road safety by harnessing their personal and professional resources.