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Traffic No Objection Certificate (NOC)

login-page-logoNOC for Commercial Vehicles / Driving License
Traffic No Objection Certificate is required at the time of Renewal of Permit/Fitness of Commercial vehicles and Commercial Driving Licenses. This certificate can be obtained only after clearing all the previous pending challans. No Objection Certificate (NOC) in respect of vehicles (both commercial and private) and driving licenses (both commercial and private) can be obtained online at the official website of Delhi Traffic Police i.e. by clicking on ‘Pending Challan/Notice’ column and filling all details required for the same.

NOC for :-

  • Processions,
  • Public Rallies Meetings,
  • Public Campaigns,
  • Competitions,
  • Morchas,
  • Public Awareness Campaigns and
  • Film shootings in Public.

NOCs for above categories can be obtained from concerned DCsP/Traffic(Ranges) office. The address of these offices can be find from KNOW YOUR TRAFFIC CIRCLE under HOME page.