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School Initiatives

Formation of Road Safety Club
Road Safety Club was formally launched in January 2010
The motto behind formation of Road Safety Club is to actively engage schools and to ensure their participation in various road safety activities. The objectives are as follows.
To inculcate a sense of road safety and correct attitude among students to groom them up into responsible road using citizens.
Working together with schools for spreading road safety culture in the new generation and create awareness amongst students who are future road users.
To train the nominated school teachers and to take forward the full year plan of road safety activities.

No.Of Schools Enrolled As Club Members
Initially in the year 2010-11, seventeen schools enrolled themselves as members in the Road Safety Club and participated in and organized various road safety awareness programmes as per the programme charter.
In 2011-12, thirty more schools got themselves enrolled as Road Safety Club members adding the numbers to 47.In the year 2012-2013, one forty schools got themselves enrolled as Road Safety Club members.In the current year i.e. 2013-14, the number of member schools has reached to 184. In addition, 42 Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in Delhi will also join the club.Membership of Road Safety Club is open for all government, govt.-aided, public, private and Kendriya Vidyalaya schools.

Programme Charter
Direct contact programme with schools.Educational trips to Traffic Training Parks and other Training facilities.Development of Road Safety Club website.Road Safety Curriculum for Primary, Middle and Senior group students.Workshop and seminar for teachers and students.Training programme for school bus drivers.Inter-school competition on road safety.Road safety fairs.Road Safety Award for schools and students.In addition, select students are given training in Traffic Drill and enrolled as Road Safety Patrol Cadets and their services are utilized near school premises to assist small children in alighting/boarding school and other transportation during morning assembly and dispersal hours.