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Prepaid Booths

Prepaid Booths

Benefits of traveling in Taxi or TSR from Traffic Prepaid Booths :

  • Prepaid booths are operated under the direct control of Delhi Traffic Police.
  • It helps to avert over-charging, refusal, misbehaviour or harassment by the Taxi/TSR drivers.
  • Taxis are presently operating from 2 booths i.e. Domestic & International Airports.
  • Duly signed receipt indicating the Taxi/TSR number, destination, service charges, baggage charge if any and the fare is given to the passenger.
  • Rs. 5/- for TSRs and Rs. 10/- for Taxis are charged for the services.
  • This system is purely optional for passengers.
  • One can SMS at 56767 for any complaint regarding misbehaviour by TSR/Taxi drivers

Fare Zone Orders

List of Prepaid Booths, Zone wise Fare and Destination List