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Reply of Tender quarries for the purchase of City Video Surveillance System.


(Please refer to pre-bid conference held on 30.12.2005 at 12.00 Noon in the Conference Hall, PHQ, MSO Building, I.P. Estate, New Delhi. )



The reply of the quarries raised during the meeting may be read as under:-


Q.NO. 1

Whether any firm can be exempted from EMD or Bank guarantee can be given?


Clause No.6 of Chapter No.1 of the tender clearly specifies the conditions for EMD.


Q.NO. 2

Bandwidth requirement for the system.


Issue of Bandwidth was discussed in detail and opinion from the representatives of the firms was also taken. However, nothing concrete came out. Hence, it is left to the bidders to decide the bandwidth for their solution to ensure optimum utilization of the bandwidth, cost effectiveness and to meet the tender specification.


Q.NO. 3

Whether RF link can be provided for last mile connectivity?


The present tender does not envisage the use of RF connectivity at any level.


Q.NO. 4

Whether the video recording at regional control room, Teen Murti Line and Control Room at DDA Vikas Minar are to be in redundant mode or fail over?


It is clarified that recording at both the places has to be simultaneous.


Q.NO. 5

Whether 2.7TB is the maximum storage?


The system should have sufficient storage capacity to comply clauses No.3.6 and 7.2 of Chapter-4 of Tender. The bidder shall include the calculation sheet in respect of storage capacity in their technical bid.


Q.NO. 6

Whether multiple option can be quoted in response to the tender?


No. The best option as per the tender specifications is to be quoted without any ambiguity.


Q.NO. 7

Whether Delhi Traffic Police can provide the bandwidth?


The bandwidth is also to be quoted by the bidder as per the tender requirement.


Q.NO. 8

100% uptime in Clause No.3.15 of Chapter-4 needs clarification.


The quoted solution must have auto restoration with regard to connectivity. The repair & maintenance is to be carried out as per clause-8 of Chapter-2 during the warranty period.


Q.NO. 9

There is difference in number of cameras required in Chapter-3 and Annexure-T-1. Please clarify.


The number of cameras specified in Annexure-T-1 is correct. The figures in the bill of requirement need to be amended as 5 PTZ and 10 fixed cameras for Teen Murti Traffic Lines.


Q.NO. 10

One of the firm suggested for change in certain camera/system specifications citing them vender specific.


These were discussed in the meeting and opinion of other firms present was sought. All of them of the view that the specifications are general in nature and not vendor specific. Hence the solution is to be quoted.


Q.NO. 11

Whether clause No.3.7 of chapter-4 is mandatory?


Yes. The functionality required under clause No.3.7 of Chapter-4 is mandatory operational requirement of Delhi Traffic Police.


Q.NO. 12

Can Delhi Traffic Police purchase the software to achieve the functionality under clause No.3.7 separately being 3rd party component?


The present tender is for an integrated system. The bidder has to quote for the same also to meet the complete tender requirement.


Q.NO. 13

The tender document specifies IP-66 at Clause Nos.14.13 & 15.12 of chapter-4 and whereas IP-67 at Clause Nos.24 of chapter-3 and Clause No.3.27 of chapter-4 for the system. Please clarify.


It is clarified that the system should be IP-66 alongwith vandal proof housing & fixtures.


Q.NO. 14

What is the lock-in period for the project for deciding the competition?


The lock-in period for the purpose of deciding the competition would be three (3) years. Bidders have to quote the monthly rental as well as the rental asked for in Clause No.11.2 of Chapter – 1 of Tender. However, in case the firm reduces the rates of the quoted items due to the guidelines from the Government, regulating agencies or any other reason, the benefit of reduction & rate below the quoted rates in the tender shall be passed on to Delhi Police during the lock-in period.


Q.NO. 15

Whether the number of servers will increase in future?


The future requirement is broadly shown in Annexure-T-X.


Q.NO. 16

One of the firms asked for detailed specification of the PA system.


The bidder may work out the PA system requirement for their propose solution to meet the basic minimum requirement under the tender.


Q.NO. 17

What will be the preferred media for archiving the media?


As per requirements mentioned in the tender.


Q.NO. 18

No. of monitors at Teen Murti Lines required.


It should be read as 9 instead of 10 in Annexure-T-2 of the tender.


Q.NO. 19

What will be the requirement of Data Backup/storage?


Clause No.3.3 and 3.6 of Chapter-4 of the tender mentions clearly backup requirements of Regional Server (Teen Murti Traffic Lines) as well as Central Server (DDA Vikas Minar).


Q.NO. 20

Would there be two storage servers at DDA Vikas Minar or one?


In this regard clause No.1.5 of Chapter-4 of the tender may also be read.


Q.NO. 21

Permissions will be required for mounting of cameras in the field/locations.


The vendor shall be responsible for complete installation of the camera and other equipment including the fixtures, poles and other accessories. He will have to apply for the permission etc. and Delhi Traffic Police will help in getting such permission from the civic authorities wherever necessary.


Q.NO. 22

What will be the setup at PHQ?


As per the schematic in Annexure-T-1.


Q.NO. 23

What will be the future roadmap?


As per Annexure-T-X.


Q.NO. 24

Annexure T-X is not available on the web.


A copy of annexure-T-X has been delivered the representatives of the firms present. The same is not available on the web also.



Whether video converter/decoder shall have in-built web server which can be accessed from anywhere or otherwise?


The converter/decoder should be IP based supporting web based access.


Q.NO. 26

Can digital display monitor be provided?


Bidder has the option of quoting digital display monitors without decoder or analog display monitors with decoder.








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