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Annual Road Safety Exhibition was inaugurated today, the 16th November, 2004 at 9.30 A.M. in Traffic Pavilion, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi by Shri S. Ragunathan, Chief Secretary, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi. This function was presided over by Dr. K.K. Paul, Commissioner of Police, Delhi. The function was attended by Senior officers of Delhi Police, officials of I.T.P.O., President, I.R.T.E., President, A.A.U.I., Dr. Reddy and Dr Santosh Jhaliwal of C.R.R.I., Traffic Wardens, Traffic Volunteers, RSP cadets and large number of  students from various schools of Delhi. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Paul, Commissioner of Police emphasized the need of traffic education, in the given scenario to achieve the objectives of smooth flow of traffic, discipline on the roads and compliance of traffic laws and rules. He appreciated the efforts of Delhi Traffic Police and Road Safety Cell, in particular in involving educational institutions in road safety programmes and also the efforts being made by Road Safety Cell in targeting various categories of road users. He emphasized the need of introducing "Road Safety Education" as a compulsory subject in school curriculum.

Shri S. Regunathan, Chief Guest of the function emphasized upon the need of imbibing discipline amongst the road users and observance of traffic laws and rules to make the city up to the international standards. He promised to consider the proposal of Delhi Police to make "Road Safety Education" a compulsory subject upto School level. He also mentioned about the programmes to be undertaken to educate motorists about lane discipline and right of way.

The exhibition has been conceptualized and the theme of the exhibition this year is "BE A SAFE ROAD USER' . There is a pictorial presentation of the traffic violations committed by various segments of road users i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, scooterists, car drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, cycle rickshaw pullers etc. Simultaneously, there is material to educate the visitors about traffic laws and road safety norms pertaining to their category. This year a section; of the exhibition has been dedicated to display of modern scientific gadgetry in use in Traffic Management in Delhi. These gadgets included (i) enforcement-cum-educational vehicles i.e. interceptors (ii) speed check laser and radar gun (iii) red light and speed check cameras (iv) computerized fine collection; system (v) Website (vi)alcometer etc.

For the first time, a software-based kiosk operated on "Touch Screen" containing information about public dealing departments of Delhi Police was inaugurated by Shri S. Regunathan, Chief Guest of the function.

The cultural based on road safety education presented by school children added colours to the function. On the occasion, the Road Safety Running Trophy-2004, which is being awarded to the school making utmost contribution towards road safety awareness, was presented to Mata Gurjari Public School, Greater Kailash Part-I. The Traffic Pavilion shall remain open throughout the year.

The function was concluded by the formal vote of thanks by Shri Qamar Ahmed, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi.


Date :- 16-11-2004


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