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Citizens Charter


SPECIAL BRANCH (Telephone No. 23236025)

Besides collection of intelligence, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch having office at Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali Road, is also responsible for following assignments :-
1. Verification of Character and antecedents.
2. Registration of Pak Nationals.
3. Status of Passport Verification :-

Status of passport verifications conducted by Special Branch, Delhi is now available online through application of Short Message Service(SMS). This facility was formally launched by the Delhi Police Commissioner on January 4, 2002 . Any Mobile user can now access the Delhi Police SMS Centre at 9811599901, round-the-clock, for automated feedback of status of verification in respect of his passport application. The syntax of this service is as below:- PV<File Number>e.g. P.V. A04684001 14

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:
File Number, Status, Name, Dispatch Number, Dispatch date.
In case match is not found, SMS Originator will receive a message conveying "No information found" or "No data found" for the case.
PV<FILE NUMBER><YY> to 9811599901 from your mobile".
(YY stands for the 2 digits of the year).

DELHI ARMED POLICE (Telephone No. 27137509)

1. Guards for Banks and Post Offices.
2. Recruitment of constables.

You can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, 2nd Bn. DAP, Delhi having office in Administrative Block of New Police Lines complex for provision of guards for banks and post offices as well as any information with regard to recruitment of Constables in Delhi Police on any working day during working hours from 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

PROVISION OF BAND ON PAYMENT (Telephone No. 27437662)

If you are desirous of utilizing Delhi Police Band on any occasion, on payment, you can approach the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, 4th Bn.DAP, Delhi at New Police Line complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi subject to availability of band on the scheduled date.
Police Training College Jharoda also has a band which can be hired for marriages functions etc. Contact Phone No. is 25315823.

POLICE CONTROL ROOM (Telephone No. 23490251)

The Police Control Room of Delhi Police is having a fleet of 400 PCR Vans located at different static points all over the capital for patrolling in crime prone areas. Any person in distress can pass on the information about the commission of crime to Police Control Room on Telephone No.100. The PCR van will take hardly 5 minutes to reach the place of occurrence. They also provide assistance to the passengers of the breakdown vehicles at odd hours and help the stranded passengers to reach their destination. Delhi Police also has a round the clock HELP LINE for women victims at Telephone No. 23317004 and 23411091. This helpline is manned by lady officers. In case counselling/guidance alone is not sufficient and immediate help to the victim is required, the nearest Police Control Room Gypsy is sent to the residence of the caller/victim and if necessary the victim is taken to the Hospital or necessary police assistance is extended as per the requirement of the situation. The Police Control Room also provides information on stolen vehicle and missing persons. In addition 10 ambulance and 10 Tourist Police Vehicles are also under the command of Police Control Room


Taking care of the aspect of ensuring better and humane treatment to the women victims of crime, Delhi Police has created Crime Against Women Cells in each of the 9 Distts. which deal with women related crimes like rape, dowry deaths, harassment on account of dowry demand, molestation, eve teasing etc. In addition to the Distt. Crime Against Women Cell, there is a Central Crime Against Women Cell at Nanak Pura, which is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police. All these Crime against Women Cells also provide counseling facility to the women victims whenever they approach any of these cells. These cells also entertain cases relating to obscene posters and pictures.


For various laws enacted for the protection of women to be effectively implemented, it is imperative to have a proper-co-ordination and synchronization of efforts on the part of PCR, Crime Against Women Cell and the local Police. With a view to upgrade and hasten the response to women in distress who seek police intervention, a Women Helpline Service has been started with effect from 1.9.2002 in the PCR. To the existing telephone number 100 a toll free number 1091 has also been added. In addition the nos. 23411091 and 23317004 are also available to the women complainants. CAW Cell has also started a Women Police Mobile Team for round the clock response to deserving women helpline cases.

F.R.R.O. (Telephone No. 26711348)

For registration of foreigners and visa extension, F.R.R.O. can be approached, whose office is located in Block VIII, Sector-1, Near Hyat Regency, R.K. Puram New Delhi .

VIGILANCE (Telephone No. 23210011)

For complaints against police officers indulging in acts of corruption, negligence and malpractices, you can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance Branch, having its office at Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali Road , New Delhi . In complaints of serious nature, the enquiries are got conducted through ACsP/Insprs. of Vigilance Branch itself, who after conducting enquiry, submit their report and action is taken as per orders of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance and Joint Commissioner of Police, Vigilance. In case of harassment by any Police Officer, you can ring up phone No.23213355 of the Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch, which functions round the clock and takes immediate necessary action on each call.

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