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Citizens Charter


The Crime Wing of Delhi Police is functioning at Police Headquarters Building I.P. Estate, New Delhi under the supervision of a Deputy Commissioner of Police and deals with cases specialised which fall in any of the following categories :-

a) Robbery Cell.
b) Anti-Kidnapping Cell.
c) Anti-Burglary Cell.
d) Anti-Homicide Cell.
e) Anti-Auto Theft Squad.
f) Inter-State Cell
g) Special Investigation Team
h) Bomb Disposal Squad.
i) Dog Squad.
j) Missing Person Squad.

a) Anti-forgery Cell
b) Criminal breach of Trust.
c) Fraud and Cheating Cell.
d) Land and Building Racket Cell.

On line search facility of Stolen Vehicle Identification Service has already been provided on the Home Page of Delhi Police Website, under the Icon "Stolen/Unclaimed Vehicle". The user can check the status of stolen/unclaimed vehicle of different parameters viz. "Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis Number by using websites mentioned below:-
1. http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/
2. http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/stolen.htm
3. http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/searcengine_ stoloen.htm

Through the SMS No. "9811599901" general public can make enquiries regarding stolen vehicles unclaimed vehicles on the basis of either Registration Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number. Passport verification status enquiry and Delhi Police telephone Number enquiry from their cellphones :-
The syntax of each Service is as given below :-
Service Name Message to be entered using cellular phone keypad.
Stolen Vehicle Search SV<Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis No.>
e.g. SV DL9C5005
If match is found, SMS Originator receive a message in the following format:
Status, Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Police Station, FIR Number, Model, Make, Colour.

Unclaimed Vehicle Search UN<Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis No>

E.g. UNDLIrB6543

If match is found SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format.

Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number,Police Station, FIR Number, Make, Model, Make, Colour.

Passport Verification Status PV<File Number>

e.g. PV A04684001

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

File Number, Status, Name, Father's Name, Dispatch Number, Dispatch date.

Stolen Fire Arm Search AR <Fire Arm Number>

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

FIR Number, Police Station, Make, Model.

TRAFFIC POLICE (Telephone No. 26198928)

The function of traffic police in the city basically pertains to traffic management, regulation, enforcement of traffic rules and regulations and road safety education to all road users. The Traffic Unit of Delhi Police is functioning under the overall supervision of Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic, assisted by four Deputy Commissioners of Police.

S. No. Designation of the officer Office Telephone

1. DCP/Traffic(HQ),  Traffic Police Headquarters, Dev Praksh Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi. 25845583

2. A.DCP/Traffic (M), Traffic Police Headquarters, Dev Praksh Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delhi. 25845627

3 .DCP/Traffic Southern Range Saket,  New Delhi. 26266750

4. DCP/Traffic Northern Range Old Police Lines, Delhi. 23978945

5. DCP/Traffic Central Range, TT Park Nr.Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi. 23340849

6. DCP/Traffic- VIP Traffic Police Headquarters, Dev Praksh Shastri Marg, Pusa, New Delh.25845625

7. DCP/Traffic- Eastern Range, Delhi. 224231777

8. DCP/Traffic Western Range, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. 25192493

The Unit is mainly responsible for :-

1. Providing safe and smooth flow of traffic on Delhi roads.
2. Preventing road accidents.
3. Effective enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.
4. Inculcating a sense of discipline amongst road users and educating the general public including school children, on road safety.
5. Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP movements with minimal inconvenience to public.
Besides regulating traffic the unit is also responsible for :-
2. Rendering assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to road accident victims.
3. Assisting and advising various agencies in coordinated development of infrastructure for safe and smooth flow of traffic.
4. Protection of environment by taking appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air pollution.
5. Encouraging participation and involvement of public in traffic management and regulation.
6. Arrangements for various functions in the city.
7. Granting of permission for road cutting, road digging, processions and other miscellaneous functions.
8. Website information on traffic related matters.
9. Imparting traffic training in parks to schoolchildren.
10. Promotion of road safety through-mobile exhibition van, painting competitions, skit competitions, essay competitions, debates etc.
11. Granting of N.O.C. for speed breakers.
12. Installation of traffic signals/blinkers.
13. Issue of permissions to commercial vehicles to ply in "No Entry Zones".
14. Issue of N.O.C for 'No Challan Due' etc.
15. Notification of Taxi Stands.
16. Smooth functioning of Pre-paid Taxi/TSR booths.
Rights/facilities available to persons violating traffic rules/regulations
a) Compounding the traffic offence at the spot and pay the prescribed compounding amount to a traffic police officer without going to court.
b) Go to court for its disposal/contesting etc.

Documents one should always carry while driving on the road

I. Driving Licence.
II. Certificate of Registration. (Photocopy)
III. Certificate of Taxation. (Photocopy)
IV. Certificate of Insurance. (Photocopy)
V. Permit and Fitness Certificate (in case of Commercial Vehilce).
VI. Pollution Under Control Certificate.

In case of non-availability of any/all such documents or attested copies thereof, the same can be sent by registered post within 15 days from the date of demand.

Whenever, a police officer has doubt over the authenticity of the documents so produced by the owner/driver/conductor of the vehicle, he has the authority to seize such documents/vehicle and wherever the doubt arises that the driver of the vehicle who is charged with an offence may abscond and may not respond to summons, the police officer has the authority to seize the license and forward the same to the court for taking cognizance.

Facilities available to general public

  • Traffic Helpline on phone number 25844444 (available round the clock) to lodge any traffic related complaint.
  • For any traffic related complaint/suggestion e-mails can be sent at deptdlh@satyam.net.in.
  • Pre-postage paid traffic complaint card to lodge any traffic violation/suggestion (these are available at all traffic assistance booths).
  • Traffic Website providing traffic related information at www.delhitrafficpolice.nic.in ]
  • SMS traffic information dissemination service for traffic diversions, traffic signal failures, congestion on any road, road accidents details, notice details etc. on phone number 9811452220.
  • Traffic information dissemination is also available on FM Band of the Radio.]
  • Payment of compounding amount for traffic violations received through Notices at DCP/Traffic-Southern Range office, R.K. Puram, DCP/Traffic Northern Range office, Old Police lines and DCP/Traffic-VIP, Teen Murti Poilce Lines, Cheque Depository machines are also installed at these offices, one of which at Teen Murti Traffic Police Lines functions round the clock while the others function during office hours.
  • Pre-paid Taxi/TSR service available at 28 counters at Railways Stations, Airports, ISBTs and important market/commercial centres.

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